Managing Wealth with Morgan Stanley

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, I attended “Morgan Stanley Weath Management 101.” It was a presentation that aimed to answer questions and assist Villanova students in understanding opportunities at the company. At the presentation, five panelists, each with different positions at Morgan Stanley, offered their insight into a series of questions offered by the audience, in addition to information about their own personal roles.

Scott Steel, COO, discussed his experiences with private placement, explaining the partnerships with KRR, Blackstone, and Carlyle. Marray McCarthy, an executive director and COO, explained her ties to traditional asset management projects and personal retirement platforms. Craig Norton started as a financial advisor, and now oversees the southeast region – one of eight in the nation – division of 16,000 financial advisors in addition to clients and other various issues.

The panel included two recent Villanova University graduates, one of whom, Craig Styles, elaborated on his experience in the rotational program Morgan Stanley offers. The program features three eight-month rotations, but the firm offers many to choose from. Those opportunities include Investment Banking, Global Capital Markets, Sales & Trading, Research, and Real Estate. Styles took advantage of those involving philanthropy, business management, and investor relations. There, he assisted in setting up foundations, organizing real estate, and becoming a product expert.

After introducing themselves, the panelists opened up the presentation to answer questions from several audience members. Several questions arose regarding ways to stand out during the interviews, and succeeding in attaining jobs at Morgan Stanley. One of the most crucial pieces of advice reiterated throughout was asking thoughtful, intriguing questions that demonstrate research and knowledge of the company. Also, Ms. McCarthy especially emphasized this making sure you know exactly what the company does, instead of guessing or completely saying something incorrect during the interview process.

I highly recommend this presentation to other students who may be attempting to pursue careers in similar fields. The panelists were honest and straightforward, and they seemed very motivated to cultivate interest from current Villanova students.

If you had attended the presentation, what questions would you have asked the panelists?

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